The collective SUPRASTRUKTUR intends to creat art and art space by the hands and minds of collectively thinking people from different creative disciplines like visual art and architecture. Rooms and structures are percieved as physical, institutional, and social constructions. The aim is to break them, reconstruct them, change them, make them visible, use them as a tool to make a statement etc.

A superstructure is a mental or physical construction that connects single elements, makes them belong together. The members of SUPRASTRUKTUR are single elements, but also a collectively thinking entity. Reflecting on being both, their working method is based on building consensually conceived structures in exhibition spaces. Or more accurately, they interact with the existing structures they find.

The brain and heart of SUPRASTRUKTUR are:

Oliver René Alunovic, Marlene Lahmer, Jakob Kirchweger, Boy d’Hont, Istvan Antal