3.11. – 24.11.2017


Exhibition in MaMÜ, Budapest – 3.11 – 24.11.2017


Budapest’s 7th district, in which MaMü Gallery is located, has been shaped by juxtapositional auras. This is best illustrated by its two names: The Austrian-Hungarian monarchy coined its official name Erzsébetváros /Elisabethtown (after the famous emperess ‘Sissi’), while its nickname ‘Chicago’ bears a reference to its grid structure reminiscent of US-american city planning.

The most consistent use of this structural feature can be found in the Eastern part of ‘Chicago’ where MaMü is to be found. The term to describe the efficiency of the geometric structure is ‘utilitaristic’, after the political philosophy of Utilitarianism, which developed in 17th century Europe. According to this paradigm of thought something is most useful when it maximizes the happiness of the people involved (Wikipedia).

When MaMü invited Suprastruktur to devise an exhibition concept for their basement, we wanted to do justice to philosophic history inscribed in the area, taking the utilitaristic thought from the streets to the next smaller level, the personal home. We dedicate this subterranean safe space to a collective imagination of how our ideal living quarters should look like. In a radio show prior to the exhibition, the inhabitants of Budapest will be invited to share by means of language their answers to the question “What should your house in the basement look like?”. Suprastruktur will translate these wishful oral descriptions into a visible model, the house in the basement.


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